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Hi Everybody,

As a food passionate, a cook and a home restaurant owner on Eatwith:  www.eatwith.com

I live to eat not eat to live for sure 🙂

I wanted to prepare a list of the food I love in İstanbul and explain you what I am advicing, hearing the names would never be enough for sure, and of course where or how to eat

Here we go:

STREET FOOD, best of hidden gems are on the streets, right?

Midye Dolma-Stuffed Mussels: Mussels with shells filled with spicy (mostly all spice) rice and onions (also maybe raisins and pine nuts) and cooked, you can mostly find these on the streets or at the ‘kokoreç(intestine’) or fish shops

 Midye Tava-Fried Mussels: Mussels dipped in batter and fried on a stick, must eat that with the special ‘tarator’ sauce made from bread, garlic and vinegar (and also walnuts)

Kokoreç-Lamb intestines: Can be found 2 ways, 1st:  rolled and grilled on a big skewer and served with cumin and thyme in a quarter or a half bread, this type is mostly found at street vendors 2nd: Sauteed with tomatoes, green peppers and spices and served in a quarter, half bread, this type is found in shops

Döner: Of course you know döner and probably you have tasted it, but you must try it in Turkey without hesitation, it is served in a few ways;

-In a quarter bread (Çeyrek Döner) or half of a bread(Yarım Döner), with cucumber pickles, tomatoes and chips ( you can omit which ever you like, no worries)

-In pita(Döner Pide), with cucumber pickles, tomatoes and chips ( you can omit which ever you like, no worries)

-In tortilla like bread, dürüm, (Döner Dürüm) and rolled with tomatoes, cucumber pickles and chips ( you can omit which ever you like, no worries)

-In tortilla with yellow cheese (Kaşarlı Döner Dürüm), yellow cheese is added to the other ingredients then pressed in a toasting machine until the cheese melts

-İskender, Döner is served with grilled pita pieces, tomato sauce, yoghurt and dökülmüş butter, you might want to share the portion since it is really doyurucu 🙂  

Islak hamburger-Wet burgers: These burgers are ready made and placed in a steaming hot window for the bread to soak all the tomato sauce, CAUTION; you may not stop eating especially if you are coming from a bar 🙂

Kestane-Chestnuts: Found at street vendors mostly in fall and winter time, they are served in paper bags as çizik atılmış uand grilled

Mısır-Corn: Found at street vendors mostly in spring and summer time, grilled or boiled

Simit-Baked rolls with sesame seeds: Can be found at street vendors or at Simit Houses, with a lot of type, the original is the round one with sesame seeds and goes perfect with small cream cheese or triangle cheese and also with tea or ayran

Tost-Toasted Sandwich: Made with 2 slices special ‘Tost’ bread and yellow cheese in between, toasted till the cheese melts, this is the basic recipe, other recommended ‘Tost’s are

-Dilli Kaşarlı Tost-Tost with Yellow cheese and Tongue: Toasted sandwich with yellow cheese and smoked veal tongue slices

-Kavurmalı Kaşarlı Tost-Tost with Yellow cheese and Fried Meat: Toasted sandwich with yellow cheese and meat braised in its own fat   Pastries:

-Poğaça-Savory Pastry: Typical Turkish flaky breakfast pastry, can be eaten plain or with filling cheese or olives or potoato or minced meat or feta or yellow cheese, can be found in pastry shops and often can be eaten there with tea and other breakfast elemanları

-Açma-A kind of Bun: Typical Turkish breakfast bun, can be eaten plain or with filling cheese, olives or spinach, can be found in pastry shops and eaten there with tea and breakfast elemanları

Böreks: A lot of types can be found around, all are made from different type of doughs or cooking methods,   Here are some which can be easily found

-Açma Börek-Hand rolled Börek: This type is made from freshly made dough, not from a ready made flatbread, with the filling mostly feta, minced meat, potatoes, spinach, the börek is oven baked and mostly served as square slices, can be found in patisseries, börek houses

-Su Böreği-Water Börek: When the flatbread thicker then phllyo is prepared it is boiled in hot water then layered with melted butter in between each layer an cheese, minced meat or spinach in the middle and finally ovenbaked, can be found in patisseries, börek houses, pastry shops ; Aslı Börek is the one which really makes it delicious, you can find several branches all over the town and don’t forget you can order mixed börek portions 🙂

-Boşnak Böreği

Sigara Böreği-Cigarette Börek: Its name comes from its shape, rolled flatbread often filled with feta cheese and greens, or minced meat or other stuffing and fried, can be found in most of the Meyhane-Rakı Houses

Muska Böreği-Muska Börek: Its name comes from its triangle shape, flatbread filled with cheese, minced meat or potatoes and folded to a triangle and fried or grilled , can be found in some of the Meyhane-Rakı Houses

Paçanga Böreği- Turkish Pastirami Börek: Made from ready made flatbread, filled with cured spice beef, yellow cheese, tomato and pepper and then fried, you can find in most of the Meyhane-Rakı Houses



Ayran-Yoghurt Drink: It is one of our national drinks, prepared with yoghurt, water and salt, just shaken very well and we prefer the ones which are prepared at the restaurants served with glass especially with a lot of foam

Rakı: Our national alchol made from dried grapes and anais, and as a result of the anaise used when you add water the şeffaf color turns into mat

We drink it with mezes, cold or/and hot, and the rituel is take one zip rakı, after that one zip water and after a piece of feta cheese or other mezes

you must try it

Turşu Suyu-Picles Juice: Mostly found in pickle shops, you ask for a glass of pickle juice and they ask if you want hot added, that is up to your juice and how you trust your stomach 🙂

Şalgam Suyu- Turnip Juice: Very typical of south region drink, goes very well with rakı (zip it instead of the water) or by itself with kebaps




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